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There is no cost to submit proposals in Bonfire. To participate in tender opportunities, you will need to register for an account in Bonfire.

To find the tender opportunity go to https://gov-bb.bonfirehub.com/portal/?tab=openOpportunities. There you can view both Open and Past Public Opportunities.

Yes, any Supplier can withdraw their submission after it was submitted. If you had already clicked and finalized your submission, you can return to the Work-in-progress status by following the instructions to "un-submit".

After logging in, click on Submissions at the top of the Portal page.  You'll be met with 3 tabs: Work-in-Progress, Completed and Missed. If the Project is still in Open status and your submission is not complete, it will show under Work-in-Progress.

CPV Codes

The Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) is a set of codes used to help identify the products (goods, services and works) that contracting authorities wish to purchase. You can use as many codes as possible depending on the products that the procuring entity wish to purchase.

You should use the CPV codes to classify the category of product/s which the procuring entity wishes to purchase.

You can use as many codes as possible depending on the products that the procuring entity wishes to purchase.

General FAQs

Registering as a Vendor allows you to make your company's name and supply capabilities widely known, thus facilitating your participation in tender opportunities leading to the award of Contracts.

A Supplier's Register contains specific information in relation to the Supplier, for example name, address and other contact information.

To complete the registration process just select the "Register as a Vendor" link from the Home page and follow the prompts.

Yes, the firms should follow the same process for completing registration by selecting "Register as a Vendor" and follow the prompts. However, regional or international companies are not required to input a TAMIS Number.

To access the portal click the following link https://gov-bb.bonfirehub.com/portal/?tab=login.

After registration, a confirmation email will be sent to your email containing a transaction code. Once the code is received, you can activate your account by typing the code into the specified field.

If you forget your password, go to https://gov-bb.bonfirehub.com/login/ and click on the "forgot password" and follow the instructions.


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